Nike Jordan Brand

Beaverton United States



Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan pioneering one of the early manifestations of sneaker culture, hand in hand with one of the behemoth players in the athletic wear industry, is truly a testament to how iconic the Air Jordan brand is. Initially made for Jordan exclusively in 1984 and introduced to the public in April 1, 1985, the Air Jordan has witnessed many a cultural moment, from its ban in the NBA for violating the then dress code to its shining moment in comedy television staple the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The jumpman logo touted by the brand has turned into an effigy in sneaker culture, found all over the world not only with athletes, but also with celebrities, musicians, and a myriad of other personalities. An undeniable pillar of sneaker culture, Nike Jordan is much like its namesake on the court—the MVP of sneaker culture.

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