Isabel Marant


Driven by a single-minded love of fashion and clothes that live and move, Parisian designer Isabel Marant creates pieces for women in real life "walking down the street or zipping off a scooter" - and tries on everything in her collections before it leaves the studio. From shoes to jewelry and ready-to-wear, each piece has a carefree bohemian spirit.

Isabel Marant currently has 1806 items worth approximately $742,169 in total. The average item price is $411. The primary category is clothing, shirts & tops, necklaces, shorts, rings, pants, bracelets, outerwear, coats & jackets, denim shirts, scarves & shawls, vests, caps and more. Isabel Marant was first added to CLOTHBASE on March 26, 2018 over over 5 years ago. Followed by 124 other members.

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