Dickies Construct


From the anatomy of workwear perfected by Dickies under the creative oversight of Union LA owner Chris Gibbs, Dickies Construct tackles work essentials and reinterprets them into style options. Careful selection of material and sophisticated design elevate the function-focused brand to the forefront of streetwear without turning its back on its heritage. Exploring more options more style appropriate, such as chinos over denim and pastels over neutrals, Dickies Construct enters the ring with contemporary flair but steadfast quality.

Dickies Construct currently has 615 items worth approximately $47,207 in total. The average item price is $77. The primary category focus is General Clothing, Clothing Accessories, shirts, trousers, Man > Clothing > Pants, and Pants. Dickies Construct was first added to CLOTHBASE on June 22, 2018 over almost 5 years ago.

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